Richmond, VA on 900 MHz

N4MW: I have been on the 902-928 MHz band using CW and SSB for many years, including in the Richmond area since 1994.  Henry Bose N4HB is the only other local that I have worked, on SSB.  Since 2009, Fred Towers WB4KXS an I have been "experimenting" with 900 MHz FM over a 20+ mile path between our QTHs.  Starting with a pair of converted Motorola Spectras, we managed to establish a usually viable link over the path by putting up M Squared 17 dBi yagis at each end.  Since then Fred has been making an effort to improve things by upgrading our equipment.  We now are using the Kenwood TK-981 modified to make them 30 watt radios.  We started out on the national call frequency (927.5 MHz), but Fred lives in a more populated area and was experiencing interference from part 15 devices, so we have been using 927.150 instead.  We have now acquired and distributed a number of TK-981 radios to others locally.

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A special offer to Richmond, VA area amateurs:

If you are looking for a radio for operating FM on the 902-928 MHz ham band, we recommend the Kenwood TK-981.

We have made over two dozen of these available for purchase by Richmond area amateurs at cost.  These are nice radios and most are almost new in appearance.  Each radio has been checked fully and programmed with 129 25 MHz split repeater/tone combinations as well as all usual simplex channels.  Each comes with a microphone and mobile mount if available.  The power cord has been upgraded to include an ATC fuse holder and Anderson Power Pole connectors, the new standard for amateur power connectivity.  You will need a gain antenna up high, with low loss feedline to be successful.  Kenwood TK-981 radios are described and documented in depth through the links found on these pages:


Programming Kenwood  kw902
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