N4MW Antenna Progression

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1966 Disassembled old ignition coil to use primary wire as 80 meter dipole.   Learned about soft drawn copper from that.
1967 Obtained 1-1/4 inch diameter 30 foot length copper tube.  Extended using aluminum piece to 1/4 wave on 40 and mounted on coke bottle insulator.  This made a decent vertical.
1968 More wire dipoles, this time using Belden 7/22 copperweld.   Constructed 15 meter beam using conduit for elements.
1969 Hygain 14AVQ multiband trap vertical. 
1970 2X11 element Cushcraft array for 2 meter FM, chimney mounted using Alliance U-110 with thrust bearing.
1971 Various mobile antennas tried - commercial loaded whips from Hygain & Hustler, Webster bandspanner.
1972 Installed 80 meter dipole at spouse-to-be house for MARS.  Installed big 2 meter vertical atop the Sterick building in Memphis (400 feet above street, ladder leaning outward against 4 inch pipe 20 foot above roof in northwest corner of building).
1973 Begain marriage in apartment - no outside antennas.  Called Alpha net from apartment via remote controlled MARS station using 1215 MHz control link for PTT and MARS 2 meter repeater for audio.  .  Assisted Terry Turner WA4WDU with tower installation (Rohn 25 foldover).
1974 Brief period in duplex: wire dipole only.
1975 First house - planted 50 foot foldover tower (inherited from WA4WDU when he moved to Puerto Rico) before closing on the house.  Cushcraft 6 and 2 meter horizontal beams on tower.
1976 Added 50 foot Rohn 45 tower and 10 foot parabolic to work with W4HHK and WA4HGN on 2304 MHz.
1977 Added Hygain TH6-DXX on Rohn 45 tower.
1978 Used small ground plane and APX-6 to monitor TACANs and STLs in the region.
1979 Upgrade 2 meter beam to Cushcraft 32-19.
1980 Moved to new house.  Reinstalled 50 foot foldover woth TH6DXX beam
1981 Upgraded 6 meter beam to Cushcraft 66B.
1982 Added 30 foot tower for small six meter beam.
1983 Added Cushcraft 424B 432 MHz yagi to 50 foot tower.
1984 Added Cushcraft 220B 220 MHz antenna to 50 foot tower.
1985 Installed satellite TV dish.
1986 Upgraded satellite dish.
1987 Added DEM loop yagi for 1296 MHz.
1989 Added DEM loop yagis for 903, 2304 and 3456 MHz
1990 Installed 20 foot tower and 10 foot dish for 1296 MHz moonbounce (EME).
1991 Installed another short tower next to EME tower with 10 foot long platform for dish feed access.
1992 Added dish for 5760 MHz.
1993 Added 40 foot mast with 10 GHz beacon.
1994 Pulled it all down and moved to Virginia.
1995 Put up 77 foot Rohn 25 tower with antennas for 144, 220, 432, 903, 1296, and 2304 MHz.  TVRO dish.
1996 Put up 50 foot Rohn foldover with M-Squared 6M7 for 6 meters and Mosely TA-33 for HF.
1997 Put up 20 foot tower for amateur satellite antennas.
1998 Put up 66 foot tower for beacon antennas.
2000 Put up 70 foot Rohn 45 foldover for VHF antennas.