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Box Style Code Practice Oscillators
Instructions:   Allow time to load.  Hover cursor over picture for text description. Click picture to enlarge.

Allied Knight-kit Transistor Code Practice Oscillator 83Y239 Knight Kit LC-1 Code Oscillator, Plastic box enclosure.  I like the recessed speaker, switch and terminal strip.  This is a nice looking unit. Knight LC-2 Code Oscillator


 Midland 25-109 "Transistor Code Oscillator" Midland 18-273 "Transistor Code Oscillator"


EICO 706 "Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure EICO 706A "Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure.


AMECO OCP Code Practice Oscillator AMECO OM "Code Practice Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure AMECO OCM "Code Practice Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure AMECO model OM Code Practice Oscillator CW Monitor (red) AMECO OCM-2 "Code Practice Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure


Calrad C.O.5 "Transistor Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure Calrad C.O.5 "Transistor Code Oscillator", Metal box enclosure


Lafayette "Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure.  I actually have two slight variants with different model numbers. Lafayette Model 99-25603 Code Oscillator


Heath HD-16.  A monster kit project. Uses a unijunction transistor (high tech for the 60's). Heathkit HD-1416 "Code Oscillator" (green plastic) Heathkit CO-1 "Code Oscillator" Heathkit HD-1416A "Code Oscillator" (brown plastic) Heathkit HD-1416A "Code Oscillator"  (black plastic)


Monarch KY-106 "Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure Monarch Model KY-106 All Transistorized Code Practice Oscillator


 Realistic 20-007 "Transistor Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure.  These are quite ubiquitous. This is a fairly modern Realistic catalog number 20-005 "Morse Code Practice Oscillator".   It includes a tone control, a light, phone jack and a simple spring key.  A switch selects tone, light or both.  The unit can be interconnected with another using the screw posts on the end.  An external key can be connected in place of the provided simple one. Realistic Code Oscillator 20-007A (square speaker grille)

Miscellaneous Brands

TEI Electronic Products Stock No. 31.141 Transistor Code Oscillator Sanelli Technology Model OSC-100 Code Practice Oscillator  ALCO Code Oscillator model LG 150 Arakit Model SE150 Code Oscillator  Hallicrafters HA-18 Code Oscillator Jackson 262 (uses CK729), Plastic box enclosure.  This one looks to be made to military specifications. Jackson Model 562B Transistor Code Oscillator

 Kent Morse Practice Oscillator.  A current commercially available item made in England.   Kent is known for its exotic hand keys and keyer paddles, available in kit form or fully assembled.  This oscillator features an unusual sloping bottom plastic box construction, including a battery access door on the bottom.  My wife Cissy bought this one new at the Dayton Hamvention in May 2000 for $18. Claricon 85-120 "Code Oscillator", Plastic box enclosure OHTA Electric, LTD No. JU-100 Junior Code Oscillator SELFIX No. 6072 Transistor Code Oscillator SPECO JU-100 Transistor Code Oscillator Kantronics

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