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Other Style Code Practice Oscillators
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Classic Amateur Radio Units

Hallicrafters Complete License Course w/HA/18A Code Practice Oscillator Hallicrafters HA/18A "Code Practice Oscillator" w/original box and key. AMECO CPS M-T Trastorized Code Practice Oscillator & Monitor Bud C. P. O. -155T transistorized Code Practice Oscillator and Monitor E. F. Johnson Speed-X buzzer WRL CPO-3 Code Oscillator Kit

Wireless Units

LRE (Lafayette Radio Electronics?) Wireless Code Oscillator. Unknown brand wireless Code Oscillator Model TE-22 Midland 25-110 Wireless Code Oscillator Archer 277-207 Wireless Code Oscillator Block Module


MFJ Model MFJ-554 Classroom Code Practice Oscillator Vectronics VEC-254 Classroom Code Practice Oscillator MFJ 555 MFJ Model MFJ-555B Code Practice Oscillator

Various Imported Units

Calrad 70-376 " Code Practice Osillator", (note "Oscillator" is spelled wrong on the device!) Plastic box enclosure with sloping bottom. Hi-Mound COK-2 "CW Code Oscillator" Hi-Mound COK-1 "Code Practice Oscillator" Swallow "Midget Code Practice Oscillator" with 2 keys/earphones Mars Oscillator Monitor Calrad T. C. O. Transistorized Code Oscillator Trans-Key Monitor Transistorized Oscillator Globalman Monitor Code Practice Oscillator Laffayette Radio Electronics Corporation Transistorized Code Practice Midget Oscillator F-249 Lafayette Radio Electronics Transistorized Code Practice Midget Oscillator F-249 (red box) Calectro (GC Electronics) Cat No. J4-822 Code Practice Set  Dentsu Transistor Buzzer Type TB 101 Archer 270-290 keyer HTH Electronics CW Monitor/Code Practice Oscillator Universal "Code Osc" Kenpro TRX-3 CW Oscillator (Taiwan) Cordover WC-5 Wireless Code Oscillator Module Katsumi Electric EKM-1 Monitor Katsumi Electric Co. AT-8 CW Monitor Katsumi Electric Co. EKM-2B Code Monitor Llaves Telegraphicas Artesanas Kit Oscilador de Tono (Spain) SELFIX model SF-8266 Code Oscillator Monarch MOD-2 Code Oscillator Module Greek military code practice oscillator TCPO Transistorized Code Practice Oscillator Philmore Model FB-591 Code Oscillator Monitor

Old, New, Unusual or Unknown

Generic "doorbell" buzzer TeK-Kit CO-5 Codekey 1000, Media Mentors mfg by Circuit Deve. "Code Practise Oscillator" NRI? Homebrew? Knapp Electric Corporation No. 325 Electric Questioner Telegraph Practice Buzzer  Knapp No. 325 Electric Questioner (package variant) B. G. L. Morse Telegraph Set Unknown kit hz555 Morse Code Practice Oscillator Realistic plastic enclosure, newer style Knight-kit "Ten-2" CB Tester (has built-in Code Oscillator) Philmore unknown model code practice oscillator Trans-Pro Labs TM-1 James Research Oscillator/Monitor


 Cordover CPO module Cordover CPO-4 Code Oscillator Module Cordover WC-5 Wireless Code Oscillator Module Cordover WC-5 Wireless Code Oscillator Module (square pot)

Olson Electronics TR-41 Code Oscillator Module Bowman Electronics Model CPO-9 Code Practice Oscillator kit Lafayette 19-15131 Code Oscillator Module Archer 20-1155 Code Practice Oscillator module Radio Shack Code Oscillator Module Catalog Number 20-1155 SPECO CPO-K "Code Practice Oscillator Kit" Midland Block Module Code Oscillator Model 14-647


 Ramsey UT-5 Universal Timer-Oscillator Ramsey UT5 Universal Timer-Oscillator (package variant) Ramsey CPO3 Code Practice Oscillator Kit Ramsey CPO3 Code Practice Oscillator (package variant) Eicocraft EC-1000 Code Oscillator Project Kit Graymark Educational Products Code Oscillator Student Project 503 EICOCRAFT EC-1000 Solid-State Electronic Code Oscillator Kit Graymark Morse Code Kit Electronic Kits International series 1000 kit OK Electronics Hobby Assembly Kits model EK5 Morse Code Practice Kit Kanga G-QRP Club Code Practice Oscillator & R. F. Sidetone Kit Electronics USA Model O-2 Code Buddy Code Practice Oscillator kit Lake Electronics CPO5 Code Practice Oscillator kit Rainbow  OSC-1 Code Oscillator kit Rainbow OSC-2 Code Oscillator kit (also available with key and enclosure) Archimedes Products AA744 Morse Code/Buzzer from South Africa N2APB NJQRP "Badger" kit Graymark Model 120P Siren/Code Oscillator Komponent Kit Morse Code Electronic Box Kit Canakit CK006 Morse Code/Alarm Oscillator Radio Shack (Science Fair Series) Three-way Code Oscillator kit no. 28-105 QUASAR Electronics Smart Kit No 1123 Morse Code Generator Heathkit (?) transistor code practice oscillator educational kit Unknown kit hz555 Morse Code Practice Oscillator Eicocraft EC-13 (?) RCA IC Project Kit KC4002 Audio Oscillator Chaney #C6459 Code Practice Oscillator Kit RadioKit Code Trainer Eino's Morse Code Box Kit Howe's ST2 CW Side-tone Generator/morse code practice oscillator Schemat-A-Kit Model ST-130 Code Practice Oscillator Instruct-a-kits No. 31 Code Practice Oscillator Micro Digital Technology CPP1 Code Practice Osc. Kit NRI Code Oscillator Course kit National Technical Schools Transceiver Kit No. 54 Lafayette KT-72 Transistor Code Practice Oscillator Kit Morse Express MX-TCPO T-Tone Code Practice Oscillator Kit Madlab The Electric Telegraph Kit (Scotland) Kelvin Electronics # 127-186 Variable Tone Code Practice Oscillator Kit MCM TechKit COD-K1 Code Oscillator Kit with Brass Key

Toy, Educational and Novelty Units

Jackson Printing Press Secret Codes Science Action Book w/morse code unit Novelty AM radio/code practice oscillator with fake sounder Nancy Hall Communicating by Morse Code educational set Payton Products Dot Dash Color Code Educational Toy Vanity Fair Ind. Superman & Batman Toy Code Communications Set Target Activity Gear Communications Set Abbot novelty buzzer/lighter Payton (?) toy code flasher Science in a Box Light and Sounds Tudor Metal Prod. Corp. CODE-AR International Code Practise Set Futura Mykit 17-in-1 Electronics Project Kit Unknown (part of educational toy set?)


Military instruction set Northern Electric Corp. Buzzers Valve 10A/250

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