N4MW Fixed Station Progression

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Obtained ARC-5 receiver.

Borrowed Globe Scout 65A and some crystals from Wade Mckay WA4TFI.

Bought homebrew transmitter from estate of Nobel Guthrie W4BS - not aired.


Bought Hallicrafters S-120  from W&W Distributing in Memphis.

Wade McKay loaned me his Drake 2B/2BQ.

My father bought me a Hammarlund HX-50 HF transmitterat the Memphis hamfest.


Borrowed Heathkit DX-60 and Hallicrafters SX-71.

Borrowed Drake TR-4 from Delta Radio Club for DX contest.


Experimented with ARC-5 receivers and built converter for 20-15-10 meters.

Built 6 meter receiving converter.

Obtained FRR-? receiver from MARS program.

Bought Swan 270B HF transceiver from Russ Hellen's CB Center.


Borrowed WRL Globe DSB-100 transmitter.

Bought Lafayette HA-460 6 M AM transceiver.


Bought Motorola 41V 2M FM rig and borrowed GE Progress line IMTS transceiver to convert.

Borrowed Swan 250 from Russ Hellen's CB Center.

1972 Bought Regency HR-2A from Russ Hellen's CB Center.
1973 Experimented using APX-6 1215 MHz AM with WA4TFI.
1974 Bought R-390A at Cincinnati "Stagfest".
1975 Bought Kenwood TS-820S from Memphis Amateur Electronics
1976 Bought Kenwood TV-502S 2 meter transverter.

Adapted MARS microwave link for 2304 GHz and worked WAA4HGN. 

Bought ICOM IC-551A transceiver

1978 Bought ICOM IC-251A 2 meter all mode.
1979 Bought Hammarlund SP600-JX21 receiver.
1980 Bought used ICOM IC-520 HF transceiver and Yaesu FRG-9600 receiver
1981 Bought MMT-432/28 transverter
1982 Bought MMT-220/28 transverter, IC-271A transceiver
1983 Bought ICOM IC-745 HF transceiver, ICOM IC-471A transceiver
1984 Bought ICOM IC-1271A transceiver.
1985 Bought ICOM R-7000 receiver.
1986 Bought SSB 2304 transverter and ICOM IC-375A and IC-1275A transceivers.
1987 Bought SSB LT-33SL transverter
1989 Built DEM 5760 transverter.
1990 Bought ICOM IC-970A multimode transceiver.
1991 Bought ICOM IC-729A HF+6M transceiver.
1992 Built DEM 3456 transverter.
1993 Built first 10 GHz transverter
1994 Bought ICOM ICR-7100 receiver
1995 Bought ICOM IC-736 HF+6M transceiver.
1996 Built first transverter for 24 GHz
1997 Built 10 GHz transverter
1998 Built another 10 GHz transverter for EME
2000 Built yet another 10 GHz transverter

Bought used ICOM IC-726 transceiver (for IF use).

Built 10/24 GHz dual band transverter.

2002 Bought HP 3586C Selective Level Meter (HF precision receiver)
2003 Bought ICOM IC-910H all mode tri-band transceiver, HP Z3801A GPS precision frequency reference.