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GD-125 Q-MultiplierMy first Heathkit project was a Q multiplier in about 1969.  It was the newer, low profile, style and was used with a Hallicrafters S-120 initially.  Through the years my wife and I constructed many kits, including amateur radio accessories and consumer devices listed below.

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HN-31 "Cantenna" dummy load (still in use)

GD-125 Q Multiplier

GC-1107 Digital Alarm Clock

GC-1720 Digital Wall Clock (still have)

TD-1089 Programmable Doorbell

SK-2 Soil Moisture Probe

GU-1810 Log Splitter

TD-1257 Metronome (still have)

ID-4001 Weather Computer

GCA-1195 Digital Electronic "Super-Clock" (still have)

OI-1154 Aircraft Clock/Timer

AA-1600 Stereo Amplifier (still in regular use)

AD-1701 Graphic Output Indicator (still in regular use)

AJ-1600 Stereo FM/AM Tuner with AJA-1600 Dolby FM Module (still in regular use)

AP-1800 Stereo Preamplifier (still in regular use)

AE-1705 Equipment Rack (still in use)

AL-1700 "Accutrac 4000" programmable turntable (still have)

GR-4000 Screen Star Projection TV System


GDA-1405 R/C system

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