icomlogo.jpg (1359 bytes)icomlogo.jpg (1359 bytes) N4MW Station Console

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Left section, top to bottom:

Homebrew 10 GHz beacon

Homebrew 10 GHz transverter

CDE Rotator control boxes (2)

Beacon control panel

HP 59309A clock with backup

ICOM 726 HF+6m transceiver

ICOM 275A 2m IF for transverters

ICOM 910H transceiver

(Below writing surface):

HP 4L LaserJet printer

Astron RM50M power supply

Center section, top to bottom:

Satellite rotator control

1296 NHz amplifier

Mirage B300 amplifier

Heathkit Most Accurate Clocks (2)

LCD TV monitor

AEA MM3 keyer

Heathkit Intellirotor control

DSP 599ZX audio filter/amplifier

ICOM R7100/TVR7100


15 inch LCD VGA monitor (visible through glass below writing surface)

Computer keyboard


Right Section:

IGY Auroral Radar Exciter (??)

W4HHK WWV receiver

HP 432B power meter

HP Z3801A GPS frequency reference

GR 1236A unit IF amplifier

B&W monitor (EME tracking)

HP 3586C selective level meter

EME antenna control panel

ICOM 375A transceiver

Mirage C1010 amplifier

ICOM 736A transceiver

Computer (below writing surface)