Hewlwtt Packard (now Agilent)WavetekN4MW Microwave Equipment Racks

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Left Rack, top to bottom:


HP 8553B 1 kHz-110 MHz spectrum analyzer plug-in

B&K Oscilloscope

Network Analyzer System:

HP 7015B Plotter

HP 8750A Storage Normalizer

HP 8410CNetwork Analyzer/8412A Phase-Magnitude Display

HP 8620C Sweeper/86290B 2-18 GHz plug-in

HP 8743A T/R Test Set with 11605A Flex arms

Lambda DC supplies (4)

HP 8660A 1-1300 MHz Synthesizer

100 watt 1-2 GHz TWT




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Right Rack, top to bottom


Military 50 ohm load

HP 8414A Polar Display plug-in

(Homebrew 10/24 GHz transverter)

Wavetek 3002 1 kHz-520 MHz signal generator

Systron Donner 18 GHz counter

Wavetek 907A 7-11 GHz signal generator

HP 436A/8484A power meter

HP 8441 tracking generator

HP 141T/8552/8555 spectrum analyzer

HP 8620C Sweeper/86222B 10 MHz-2 GHz plug-in


Polarad signal generators:

800 MHz-2 GHz

1.8-4 GHz

4-8 GHz

50 volt high current power supply (obscured)