HP-IB Specific Instrumentation


These devices typically would have been used with controllers like the 9825 "calculator" and with other general purpose instruments to form complete automated test systems.  Only HP-IB "Accessory Modules" and certain other specific devices which connect via the HP-IB buss and provide buss-specific functionality are listed here.   Many other HP (now Agilent) instruments with gereral purpose functionality (signal generators, power meters and digital voltmeters, etc.) also utilize the HP-IB system.  

HPIB device information from 1980 HP Measurement/Computation catalog.

59401A Buss System Analyzer


hp59401a.jpg (16074 bytes)

59303A Digital-to-analog Converter


hp59303a.jpg (6350 bytes)

59307A Dual VHF Switch


hp59307a.jpg (9818 bytes)

59309A Digital Clock


hp59309a.jpg (22853 bytes)

59501A Power Supply Programmer


hp59501a.jpg (22319 bytes)

59501B Power Supply Programmer


hp59501b.jpg (19510 bytes)

59403A Common Carrier Interface


hp59403a.jpg (24130 bytes)

59301A ASCII-to-parallel Converter


hp59301a.jpg (16028 bytes)

59306A Relay Actuator


hp59306a.jpg (20077 bytes)

59308A Timing Generator


hp59308a.jpg (10371 bytes)

59313A Analog-to-Digital Converter


hp59313a.jpg (28403 bytes)

9875A Cartridge Tape


hp9875a.jpg (31645 bytes)

12050A Fiber Optic Link

hp12050a.jpg (10575 bytes)

3437A System Voltmeter

hp3437a.jpg (30175 bytes)

37203A Extender

hp37203a.jpg (16231 bytes)

37201A Extender


hp37201a.jpg (35200 bytes)

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