N4MW Mobile Station Progression

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1969 Bought Swan 270B from Russ Hellen's CB Center.
1970 Bought Motorola 41V 2M FM rig and borrowed GE Progress line IMTS transceiver to convert.

Bought Regency HR2A from Russ Hellen's CB Center

Converted Motorola 100W T power to 6 M FM.

1972 Bought Regency HR2B from Russ Hellen's CB Center
1973 Bought Regency HR212 from Russ Hellen's CB Center



During this period I used handhelds instead of installed FM rigs for FM.

Very little HF operation was necessary because all my trips were via airplane.

1990 Bought ICOM IC-901A systems for pickup and Camaro
1995 Bought ICOM IC-706 for pickup
1998 Bought ICOM IC-706 MKIIG for SUV