N4MW Portable Station Progression

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1968 Borrowed Inoue Communications ??? (to become ICOM) pack set from WA4WDU.
1969 Bought surplus Motorola packset - used pencil tibes and dry batteries - modified for 2 meters.
1972 Bought portable battery pack for Regency HR2-A.
1973 Traded for Motorola HT-200 2M FM transceiver (in turn traded for present station console)
1976 Bought used Standard ? crystal controlled HT
1978 (Timing uncertain) Bought ICOM IC-202 CW/SSB "bookshelf" transceiver
1979 (Timing uncertain) Bought ICOM IC-502 CW/SSB "bookshelf" transceiver
1980 (Timing uncertain) Bought ICOM IC-402 CW/SSB "bookshelf" transceiver
1981 Bought Mizuho MX-2 CW/SSB handheld at Dayton
1982 Bought Santec LS-202 SSB/FM handheld
1983 Bought Kenwood TH-21A 2M FM handheld
1985 Bought Yeasu FT-290 all mode 2M transceiver
1986 Bought ICOM IC-12GAT
1987 Bought Kenwood TH-75A dual band FM handheld
1989 Bought ICOM IC-24AT dual band FM handheld

Bought ICOM IC-R2 handheld receiver

Bought used ICOM IC-120 1.2 GHz FM transceiver

1991 Bought Standard C-628 dual band FM handheld
1992 Bought Yaesu IC-911 from KC4BQH
1993 Bought ICOM IC-Delta 1A triband handheld ($$$)
1996 Bought Yaesu FT-490 70 cm all mode transceiver.
2000 Bought Mizuho MX-6 CW/SSB handheld at Dayton
2001 Bought ICOM IC-R10 handheld all mode receiver
2002 Bought ICOM IC-R3 handheld AM/FM+TV receiver
2003 Bought ICOM IC-T81A quad band FM handheld