Paper Slide Rules

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Are any serious collectors "out there"?

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Andrew Parabolic Antenna System Computer, 1957

 Andrew Corporation Heliax® Connector Selector Guide Universal Relay Corp. Relay Slide Rule, Perrigraf 1965 Varian Associates, LEL Division, Microwave Receiver Slide Chart ARRL Lightning Calculator, Type A TRW Antenna Communications Calculator Cutler-Hammer, Airborne Instruments Laboratory (AIL) Noise-Figure Slide Rule, Perrygraf 1964Technical Appliance Corporation (TACO) Parabolic Antenna Calculator, Perrygraf 1961 Microwave Development Laboratories (MDL) Rigid Waveguide Data, American Slide Chart 2000 N6RJ 2nd OP Scientific Atlanta Antenna Calculator, Perrygraf 1968The Ballantine Rule ... , Perrygraf, 1953 W9IOP's Q Dial Gabriel Antenna Calculator, Perrygraf 1959 ARRL LCF/Coil Winding Calculator

HP Reflectometer/Mismatch Error Limits Calculator, Perrygraf 1976  

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