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Dave Meier on the JobOctober 2003 - 30 Years DLA employment certificate presented by Mike Lyden, RAML, SC, USN, DSCR CommanderI am employed as a Information Specialist at the Defense Supply Center Richmond, known locally as Bellwood.  Bellwood is famous for it's herd of elk on the base grounds, which you may have just heard calling.  I am a Team Leader responsible for managing a team supporting approximately over 1000 computers. 

I began Government service in 1973 as an Equipment Specialist at the Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center, Memphis, Tennessee.  There I worked with a wide variety of industrial equipment, including instructing the military services on the application of LASER metrology to machine tools.  At DIPEC I made 64 TDY missions, including several as pilot of my own airplane.  My furthest trip was to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Hawaii, where I lugged 200 pounds of LASER measuring gear to calibrate a machining center.  I must have messed up the mission, because I had to go back just a few months later!  I became a Computer Specialist in 1985, working as a System Administrator/Application Programmer on three remote VAX computers.  I joined the DSCR computer support staff in 1994, where I remain.

I look forward to retirement eligibility in 2006.  I hope to be able to maintain my private pilot currency and ownership/operation of Grumman Cheetah N26963 well into my retirement years.

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