an3.gif (9435 bytes)DIPEC Email Addresses

Addresses at are in the processes of changing format to  I am only providing below the addresses of those who specifically indicated they wished to participate.  Others at DSCR can be contacted by email using the correctly formatted address or indirectly through me or others listed.



No guarantee as to accuracy.   Send feedback to Dave Meier

Barbra Houser

Barbara Houser

Bill Byrd

Bill Gladwin

Bob Powell

Bunny and Jim Herndon

Butch Bendl

Charlie Purtle

Dave Meier

Deborah Hobson

Don Ward

Earnest Jones

Ed Jones

Jim Crews

Gary Dillard

George McAllister

George & Lucy Farris

Gladys Smith

John Hoyler

Linda Kelley

Lois Bailey

Maxine Gray

Mikal Brown

Mike Landschoot

Patti Jackson

Paul Houser

Phyllis Funk

Ray Carlisle

Ron Harris

Rosemary Byrd

Ruth Malone

Sheila Brown

Steve Kelly

Tom Adams

W. A. Schewe

Walter Phillips

Susan Slyfield

Jim Threadgill