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orphans.jpg (21788 bytes)DIPEC "Orphans" refers to those who left Memphis to come to the Defense General Supply Center beginning in 1992.  The first group totaled 50.   I was the last one to move in late 1994, at which time only about 20 remained.  I have not regretted moving to Virginia.  I had always considered some sort of mid-career move, I just expected to choose where.

Updated January 2004.  No guarantee as to accuracy.   Send feedback to Dave Meier.

Email Addresses for DIPEC Orphans



Tom Adams DSCR Supply Product Scheduling
Rolf Anderson Retired February 1999 to IL
Julia Ann Brandon Transferred to Mechanicsburg, PA as DLA Rep.
Marquita Armstad DSCR Buyer in Consumables
Jarvis Askew Deceased September 1999
Butch Bendl DSCR Product Development/Standardization
George Bennett Resigned 1994 to Collierville, TN
Mona Blackburn Transferred in 1994
Bill Bowers Retired 1996 to Memphis, TN
Willie Bridgeforth Retired June 1999 to Millington, TN
Mikal Brown DSCR management
Sheila Brown DSCR  IT Production Support Branch Chief
Steve Burnett SES in Columbus, OH
Rosemary Byrd (Avery) Resigned to private sector in Washington DC
Billy Byrd Transferred March 1999 to Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Mint in Washington DC
Claudia Carter Retired 2003
Doug Castle Retired September 2000  - remained in VA, took up driving 18 wheelers and Greyhound buses
Carrie Clearborn DSCR Buyer in Consumables
Ed Conrad Transferred 1993 to Kings Bay, Ga. Return to DSCR 11/99
Joe Crane Retired to Savannah, TN
Jim Crews Retired February 1996 to Anniston, AL
Joe Davenport DSCR Supervisor of Supply Customer Requirements.
Earl Dennis DSCR
Gary Dillard DSCR upper management position
Glen Dollar Transferred in 1996 to Ft.Jackson, Columbia, SC
Jack Easley Retired June 1996 to Memphis, TN
George Farris Retired September 2001
Lucy Farris Retired September 2001
Janet Felts Transferred to Hawaii
Mary Fitzgerald Retired January 1995 to Memphis, TN
Bill Gladwin DSCR Supply (Traveler)
Karen Gladwin DSCR
Maxine Gray Retired June 2000 to Memphis, TN
Fred Green DSCR Supply Reparable Inventory.
Herb Hagen Retired January 1995 to Alabama
Jean Hall DSCR Supply
Pat Hall DSCR Analyst.
Larry Hardin Deceased August 2002
Don Harris Transferred to Columbus,Oh.
Ron Harris DSCR Supply Production Scheduling
Carolyn Hightower Retired December 2003 to Memphis
Tanya Hill DSCR Procurement Analyst
Barbra Houser DSCR Analyst
Paul Houser DSCR Value Engineering
John Hoyler DSCR Customer Requirement.
Mag Jackson DSCR Supervisor Contracting Consumables
Patti Jackson DSCR Chief of Procurement Product Center 10
Pat James DSCR Leader of Product Center 12
David Jarrard DSCR Supervisor of Technical Commodity Section.
Allen Johnson Retired March 1999 - remained in VA.
Earnest Jones DSCR Asst. Team Leader in Product Center 6
Ed Jones Retired May 2001 to Memphis, TN
Hugo Kalvitas DSCR Quality
Steve Kelly DSCR Supervisor, Value Engineering Office
Terry Kerby Transferred January 1995 to Ft Lee, VA
Mike Kerr DSCR Customer Account Representative
Ken King DSCR Standardization
Paul Lackey Deceased July 2002
Mike Landschoot Retired 2001
Bob Lilljedahl Resigned December 1999 to private sector
Danny Long Retired January 2003
Larry Marshall Deceased January 2001
Beverly Martin Moved to KY 93
David Mays DSCR Supervisor of QA
George McAllister Retired March 2000 - remained in VA
Dave Meier DSCR IT computer support Team Leader
Keith Morrison Transferred in 1998 to Huntsville, AL, retired with an 'early out'
Jack Moseley Deceased 2002, Transferred 1998 to Panama City, FL
Juanita Nickleberry Retired September 1996 Memphis, TN
Ted Page Retired 1995 to Memphis, TN, deceased April 2000
Walter Phillips Retired June 1999 Moved to Olive Branch,MS
Bob Powell DSCR Quality
John Purdy Retired 1994 to Memphis, TN
Charlie Purtle Retired December 1999 Drasco, AR - wife Shirley retired from DSCR in 96, deceased May 2006
Edward Ramsey Retired January 1995 to Birmingham,Al
Addie Rudd Retired May 2001
John Russell DSCR Documents Funding
Howard Shotts Retired May 2001 to MO. Wife Katherine Retired from DSCR in 98
Claude Smith Retired January 1995
Gladys Smith DSCR Supply Reparable Inventory.
Cindy Starr Transferred June 1999 to FT. Lee, VA
Linda Tallon Moved to St. Louis, MO in 94
Novella Thompson Retired January 1995 to Memphis, TN
Jim Threadgill Retired January 1994 to Memphis, TN
Ken Trout Retired January 1996 to Savannah, GA
Joe Tucci DSCR Supply Customer Requirements.
Jerry Turner DSCR Supply Customer Requirements
Don Ward DCSR Supervisor Supply Product Scheduling - wife Kathy works here also.
Jim Whitfield Deceased March 1997
Joe Whitmer Retired January 1995 to Covington, TN, deceased September 2004
Leroy Williams DSCR IT Systems & Comm Ops Branch Chief
Jerry Winemiller Transferred February 1999 to Millington, TN
Darryl Witwer DSCR GIDEP Program Manager Engineering Division
Sid Young Deceased August 1999, retired December 1997 to Memphis,TN
Alice Zane DSCR Virtual Prime Vendor Section
Bob Zane DSCR Chief of Technical/Quality Product Center 11