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My system.  Click to enlargeLaser tripodThe basic HP 5526A and the original model HP 5525 Laser measurement systems are comprised of a laser head and display plus optics for various different types of measurements. For a basic system description please read the  Operator's Handbook.  Automation accessories were based on the HP 9825 calculator.  A program package for laser metrology using the HP5526A/9825A/9872A combination was provided with the calculator option (see below).  Several Application Notes were published to support laser metrology, including 156-2, "Calibration of a Surface Plate", and 156-5, "Measurement of Straightness of Travel".  These are the only two that I have.  I would like very much to obtain the others, particularly one titled "Calibration of a Machine Tool" (if memory serves).  I also would like to obtain original service manuals for the 5505A display/5500C laser head and 5510 Automatic Compensator.    Another accessory I need is the remote control box, which contains a reset button, alignment meter and print button, connected to the 5505A display by a long cable.   I received a request for the Compensation Factor Handbook, which I scanned into a 6 MB pdf format (available on request).  I also have written a small spreadsheet using the formulae given in the handbook to calculate the compensation thumbwheel setting.  Click here for available documentation.

Linear Interferometer Optics:

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10565B Remote Interferometer

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10550B Laser reflector with mount and stand

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10556A Retroreflector

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5500C Laser Head

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5505A Display

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HP 5810 Automatic Compensator

Click to enlargeI need one of these - can you help?System cabled accessories:


Air sensor, material temperature sensor, laser head-to-display cable, automatic compensatior-to-display cable.


Remote control box.

Laser Metrology Package Sample (surface plate flatness)

Laser Metrology Package

(complete documentation 2.9 MB)


HP 9825 Calculator

HP 9825 Calculator

HP 98032 parallel (display) interface

Parallel (display) interface

HP 9872 plotter

HP 9872 Plotter

HP 98034 HPIB (plotter) interface

HPIB (plotter) interface

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