International Geophysical Year (IGY)

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IGY Books

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IGY: Year of Discovery, by Sidney Chapman The Earth and it's Atmosphere, by D R Bates Antarctic Command, by Finn Ronne Assault on the Unknown, by Walter Sullivan IGY The Year of the New Moons, J Tuzo Wilson The Story of IGY (ESSO) Exploring Earth and Space, Margaret Hyde The World in Space, Marshack, Dell 1958

Satellite!, Bergaust and Beller, Hanover House 1956 Space Satellite, Beeland & Wells, Prentice-Hall 1958 Once Around the Sun, Yhe Story of the I. G. Y. 1957-58, by Ronald Fraser, Holder & Stoughton The Real Book about the Antarctic, Charles Strong, Garden City Books 1959 Space Communications, Stanley Leinwell, Rider 1964, Given by W4RFR to W4HHK 1965 Antarctic Assault, The saga of Dufel's volunteers who pioneered the last frontier to build bases or the International Geophysical Year, Paul W. Frazier, Dodd, Mead 1958 Antarctic Scout, Richard Lee Chappell, Dodd Mead 1961 The White Desert, Noel Barber, Crowell 1958 All About Satellites and Space Ships, David Dietz, Allabout Books - Random House, 1958, 1962

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