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I was born in Welsh, OK, family living in Joplin, MO. Cissy was born in Memphis, TN.


Recall seeing a 5 inch round TV at neighbors, family now living in Miami, OK.


Curiousity about things electronic set in motion by observation of knife switch on window sill used to switch TV antennas between Joplin and Tulsa.


Family moved to Springfield, MO, attended first grade at Portland Elementary


Family moved to Republic, MO. Started wearing glasses to correct nearsightedness.


With friends, discovered some dumped surplus electronics, disassembled out of curiousity, started learning about electronic components.


Decided to build radiotelescope (no real clue how), took 25 years to do. Strung long wire antennas, listened to shortwave on a portable radio.


Became aware of existence of and difference between CB and Amateur Radio, decision for latter.

Summer 1965

Began Preparation for Novice, Joe Hill K0IVK, Mentor. Practiced code using Heathkit DX-20 into a light bulb, listening on an HQ-129X receiver.

Winter 1965

Family moved to Whitehaven, TN.

July 1966

Attended Delta Amateur Radio Club field day at invitation of Wade McKay WA4TFI, Mentor

August 1966

WA4TFI administered Novice code test. One letter miscopied. Discovered we share the same birthday.

September 1966

Received Novice call WN4EAB. Borrowed Globe Scout 65 transmitter, got on the air using an ARC-5 receiver. First QSO with Mike Huntoon WN5SEK, Whitehaven, TN.

January 1967

Received Certificate of Code Proficiency (20 WPM).

September 1967

Joined Army MARS, call AL4EAB.

October 1967

Sat for General exam, administered by FCC at Memphis main postoffice. Copied AND sent 13 wpm. Passed, later received call WB4EAB. Borrowed Drake 2B from WA4TFI. My father bought me a Hammarlund HX-50 SSB/CW transmitter at the Memphis Hamfest.

December 1967

Received Rag Chewers Club Certificate

February 1968

Passed Advanced Class.

June 1968

Received Worked All Continents award

July 1968

Awarded First Polace, Tennessee, in Minnesota QSO Party.

August 1968

Met Bill Bird WA4HGN, and Paul Wilson, VHF+ Mentors.

November 1968

My father bought me a new 69 VW beetle to drive to school.

December 1968

Received Delta Amateur Radio Club Ham of the Year award

January 1969

Received Delta ARC Certificate of Merit as Ham of the Month.

March 1969

Received Worked All States award #19,760.

April 1969

Attended Army MARS conference, Ft. McPherson, GA as representative from Hillcrest High School (that's how the Principal excused the absence).

May 1969

Worked part time for Russ Hellen Communications (continued on and off for several years)

June 1969

Worked the summer at Lafayette Radio store in Whitehaven as service technician. I graduated from Hillcrest High School. Cissy Graduated from Treadwell High School.

July 1969

Passed Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator Test I started attending Memphis State University, College of Engineering.

August 1969

Received Memphis Sesquicentennial Award. Bought first HF rig, SWAN 270B Cygnet.

September 1969

Cissy started attending Memphis State University, College of Engineering.

January 1970

Joined ARRL. Met future wife Cissy, part of random group of students who hung out in the William Faulkner lounge in the MSU student center.

February 1970

Passed Extra Class and First Class Commercial Radiotelephone/Ship RADAR

March 1970

Selective Service - 1A

May 1970

First "date" with Cissy. Went with group to Sardis Lake, lost keys in lake.

June 1970

Mt father traded the VW beetle in on a Chevy 3/4 ton pickup, which I drove to school in.

July 1970

Worked the summer for Arthur Fulmer repairing 8-track take players.

April 1971

Received Delta Division Certificate of Appreciation for aid to newcomers.

May 1971

Received DoD Certificate of Merit for RATT, Armed Forces Day.

July 1971

Designated Mid-South VHF Association Ham of the Month.

August 1971

Received Delta ARC Certificate of Merit as Ham of the Month.

January 1972

Worked part time for one year for Plough Broadcasting, WMPS AM/FM as transmitter engineer.

February 1972

Worked full time for Mahaffey Communications installing and repairing mobile radios and pagers.

April 1972

Attended first Dayton Hamvention.

October 1972

Bought first car, 1973 Chevy Nova.

December 1972

Begin term as Delta Amateur Radio Club Vice President.

March 1973

Married Cissy by inadvertant elopement. Moved into apartment in Whitehaven.

April 1973

Became involved in photography, set up darkroom.

September 1973

Experimented with 1215 Mc AM using APX-6s with WA4TFI. One-way RTTY achieved.

October 1973

Started career as Equipment Specialist with the Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center.

November 1973

Called MARS Alpha net from apartment using remote controlled station.

February 1974

Became trustee for Delta Amateur Radio Club, W4BS.

April 1974

Moved into duplex near Defense Depot Memphis.

November 1974

Moved int first house: 3460 Meier Drive - $29,950.

January 1975

Changed call to N4MW (Paul Wilson was K4MW as second call.

May 1975

Received Boll Weevil Net Certificate

June 1975

Received Cotton Pickin' Certicicate #355

August 1975

Journey to Franklin, NC to help disassemble and transport 28 ft dish from K4RJ estate.

September 1975

Bought Kenwood TS-820S HF rig.

December 1975

Obtained Private Pilot's License

January 1976

Bought second vehicle, used ford van "sandwich truck".

February 1976

Bought part interest in Grumman Trainer.

March 1976

Bought Kenwood TS-820S HF rig.

May 1976

Worked W4HHK on 2304 MHz A2 (modulated signal generator/received F3 - 10 foot dish).

July 1976

Became active on 2 meter SSB/CW using Kenwood transverter.

March 1977

Worked WA4HGN on 2304 MHz with 4 watts CW.

July 1977

Became active on 6 meter SSB/CW using used ICOM IC-551A..

September 1977

Sold interest in Grumman Trainer, bought into Bellanca Decathlon.

January 1978

Upgraded to new ICOM IC-251A two meter rig.

April 1978

Began flying for Civil Air Patrol with Captain's rank

June 1978

Received DX Century Club Award

October 1978

Traded van on El Camino SS.

March 1979

Awarded Basic Aerobatic Achievemant Award, International Aerobatic Club.

October 1979

Achieced Sportsman Award, International Aeoobatic Club.

January 1980

Bought half interest in Cessna 152 Commuter.

July 1980

Moved to second house: 3205 Covington Pike $69,900

August 1980

Bought used ICOM IC-720 HF rig

April 1980?

Achieved rank of Major in Civil Air Patrol, qualified as Communications and Operations Officer and Mission Pilot

December 1980

Upgraded to new ICOM IC-251A two meter rig.

October 1981

Became active on 432 MHz SSB/CW.

December 1981

Sold Nova, bought Camaro.

February 1982

Sold interest in Decathlon.

July 1982

Became active on 222 MHz SSB/CW.

October 1982

Bought Honda Shadow 500 motorcycle.

November 1982

Nominated for Federal Employee Association Employee of the year award in Professional and Scientific category.

January 1983

Sold Cessna Commuter.

September 1983

Bought part interest in Grumman Cheetah.

June 1984

Achieved first place, single operator, 432 MHz, TN section, VHF QSO Party.

September 1984

Achieved first place, single operator, 432 MHz, TN section, VHF QSO Party.

June 1985

Cissy relicensed as N4ZRW.

July 1985

N4MW/R 1292 MHz repeater begins operation, Bill Dearing N4HKS owner.

August 1985

Activated beacon on 2 meters. Help take down WA4HGN dish for WB5LUA.

January 1986

Activated beacon on 10 meters.

April 1986

Achieved Old Timers Club status.

June 1986

Became active on 1296 MHz SSB/CW.

July 1986

Attended my first Central States VHF Society Conference

September 1986

Received 6 meter VHF/UHF Century Club award #168 (now 375+ grids from EM55). Achieved first place, single operator, 2.3 GHz, TN section, VHF QSO Party.

October 1986

Received 432 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award #63 (now 80+ grids from EM55).

February 1987

Received 2 meter VHF/UHF Century Club award #160 (now 150+ grids from EM55).

May 1987

Activated beacon on 222 MHz.

June 1987

Activated beacon on 6 meters.

July 1987

Became active on 902 MHz SSB/CW.

August 1987

Achieved first place, single operator, 2.3 GHz, Delta division, UHF Contest.

September 1987

Achieved Fifth Place, single operator, 1296 and 2304 MHz, TN Section, VHF Sweepstakes.

December 1987

Activated beacon on 432 MHz.

January 1988

Camaro stolen and wrecked, replaced with '86 Camaro Berlinetta.

June 1988

Became active on 3456 MHz SSB/CW. Sold El Camino, bought '93 Chevy Silverado.

July 1988

Activated beacon on 902 MHz.

August 1988

Activated beacon on 1296 MHz.

October 1988

Attended our first Microwave Update, Estes Park, CO, flew in to Boulder in Cheetah

March 1989

Appointed CAVEC Volunteer Examiner.

April 1989

Received Certificate of Appreciation for Volunteer Examiner efforts.

June 1989

Certified W5YI Volunteer Examiner VE-6551.

July 1989

Became active on 5760 MHz SSB/CW.

October 1989

Received 222 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award # 54 (now 60+ grids from EM55). Received 1296 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award #75 (now 40+ grids from EM55).  Microwave Update, Arlington, TX, flew in to Addison in Cheetah

December 1989

Received 50 MHz Worked All States (2X SSB) award #892.

January 1990

Obtained SMIRK membership 5559. Built T-hanger at Charles Baker Airport.

February 1990

Activated beacon on 2304 MHz.

October 1990

Microwave Update, Estes Park, CO, flew in to Denver commercially

January 1991

Activated N4ZRW/B 2 meter beacon. Appointed ARRL Technical Coordinator for TN section.

October 1991

Microwave Update, Arlington, Tx

January 1992

Activated beacon on 5760 MHz.

April 1992

Received Worked All Continents (50 MHz Phone) award.

June 1992

Achieved Fourth Place, Single Operator, TN section, VHF QSO Party.

July 1992

Indoctrinated into SNOTTS (Stupid Numbskulls on Two-Twenty Sideband). Worked WB5LUA on 3456 SSB over 420 mile path, recording of which he played to CSVHF.

August 1992

Activated beacon on 3456 MHz.

October 1992

Received 3456 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award #32 (from EM55).  Microwave Update, Rochester, NY

December 1992

Received Certificate of Appreciation from Delta Amateur Radio Club for the August program and for setting up the satellite station at Field Day.

January 1993

Activated beacon on 10368 MHz.

April 1993

Wrecked Silverado, bought '93 long bed Silverado.

September 1993

Appointed AMSAT Area Coordinator.

October 1993

Microwave Update, Marietta GA

January 1994

Became active on 10 GHz SSB/CW.

April 1994

Beacons QRT due to commercial encroachment on site. Received 2304 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award #50 (from EM55).

May 1994

Received 902 MHz VHF/UHF Century Club award #20 (from EM55)

June 1994

Sold hanger in preparation for move to Virginia.

July 1994

Sponsored Central States VHF Society Conference in Memphis.

September 1994

Moved to Virginia began working for Defense Supply Center Richmond.

October 1994

ARRL EME Contest Participation Award. Moved into house at 6540 Marl Springs Drive, New Kent, Virginia, Microwave Update, Estes Park, CO

November 1994

Activated 2 meter beacon.

January 1995

Installed tower #1 for VHF antennas. AMSAT P3D sponsor. Bought out partner and brought Grumman Cheetah to VA.

July 1995

Installed tower #2 for HF/6 meter antennas.  Flight to CSVHF Kansas City

October 1995

Microwave Update, Arlington, TX, flew in Cheetah from VA

July 1996

Flight to CSVHF Minneapolis

September 1996

First place 2304 Mhz, VA section VHF QSO Party.

October 1996

Microwave Update, Phoenix, AZ

November 1996

Replaced engine in Camaro, bought '96 Oldsmobile Bravada.

January 1997

Installed tower #3 for satellite antennas.

October 1997

Microwave Update, Sandusky, OH

February 1998

Installed tower #4 for monitor/beacon antennas.

October 1998

Microwave Update, Estes Park, CO

January 1999

Activate 10 GHz beacon.

February 1999

Built 24 GHz SSB/CW portable transverter.

August 1999 Built 24 GHz beacon transmitter and portable receiver.   Began Code Practice Oscillator Museum (315 items as of 6/05).
September 1999 Built 10/24 GHz transverter and presented talk to Packrats.   Began web presence www.n4mw.com, Microwave Update, Plano TX
July 2000 Flight to Springfield/Heber Springs/Memphis, acquired Magnolia (300 lb cement pig)
October 1999 Microwave Update, Philadelphia, PA
November 2000 Road trip to Memphis to transport Magnolia (300 lb cement pig)
September 2001 Vacation to Portland/San Jose, Microwave update, Sunnyvale, CA shortly after 9/11 event
December 2001 Intalled central vacuum system

February 2002

Had porch rebuilt and roof installed plus kitchen appliance upgrades

April 2002

Meier family gathering
September 2002 Added "yawning awning" (extended roof over west deckway), Microwave Update Hartford, CT

February 2003

Road trip to Memphis in pickup with 200K miles

March 2003

Built storage "yert" building.

May 2003

Added lower deck above area to be a garden fish pond.
June 2003 Begin garden fish pond construction
July 2003 Added carport extention to west attached garage entrance
August 2003 Added "batwalk" to west deckway.  Cissy acquires Brother 970 knitting machine.
September 2003 Hurricane Isabel, Vacation to Portland/Seattle, Cedar Creek Treehouse, Microwave Update, Everett, WA
October 2003 Dave attained 30 years with DLA.  Added second carport area and widened drive underneath.
November 2003 After long flying hiatus, made $5K hamburger flight (tank reseal + annual)
December 2003 Annabel Lee cruise, Wright Centennial, Kill Devil Hill, NC
January 2004 Sold IC-1275A for $3K, replaced with IC-970H
June 2004 Finished 2000 gallon garden fish pond
September 2004 Flew to Shelby, NC for hamfest
October 2004 Attended Microwave Update, Dallas, TX area
December 2004 Purchased Chevrolet Equinox, retired Camaro.   Attended VIP preview of "The Aviator" for VA Aviation Museum.
January 2005 Replaced interior in airplane, other improvements to instrument panel.  Bought AVMAP EKP IV GPS receiver.
June 2005 Cut down big dead oak tree in front of house- firewood for the winter..  Add "fishwalk" from back deck over fish pond.
July 2005 Flying trip to Memphis and Springfield, MO for family visits.
September 2005 Flew to Shelby, NC for hamfest, bus trip to NAS Oceana for air show
October 2005 Attended Microwave Update, Cerritos, CA.  Toured Queen Mary and NASA Goldstone.
February 2005 Commercial flight to Memphis and back for family visit.
May 2006 Tangier Island/Williamsburg  lunch flights.  Attend Dayton Hamvention.  Bought tilt hauler trailer, picked up tower sections in TN.
June 2006 Cissy acquired a Brother Innov-Is 4000D Disney Limited Edition embroirdery machine and a J L Hammet Marcoux 45 loom.
August 2006 Dave retires!
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