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As of Spring 2003,  I have logged PIC time in 66 different airplanes of 29 types and owned four planes (yellow background).

(Click on image or "FAA Registry" link for FAA registry data) - Other aircraft experiences for which time could not be logged.

American Aviation Trainer AA1A N9471L 

N9471L (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

1. First lesson 3/27/75, soloed 5/15/75, solo XC 6/11/75, Private checkride 12/1/75, first passenger (my wife) 12/8/75.  As of 4/2003 belongs to Jeff Taylor of Jupiter, FL (FD15) Tailwinds Airpark

Cessna Skyhawk C172 N5449H

N5449H (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

2.  Type checkout and first supervised X-C, MEM-LIT-PBF-MEM 7/3/1975 as well my long solo X-C, MEM-SGF-CGI-MEM.   In this Skyhawk, I learned not to try out-climbing summer cumulus clouds.

Grumman American TR2 AA1B N1421R

n1421R (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

3.  Type checkout, Coastal Airport, Florida, 1/3/1976.  Three friends and I went here to purchase N9667L.  This plane is for sale in Foster City, California for $35.5K as of April 2003.

Grumman American TR2 AA1B N9992L

N9992L (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

4.  New trainer, loaned to club January 14, 1976

Grumman American TR2 AA1B N9667L

N9667L (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

5.   First flight as airplane owner January 16, 1976. Cissy obtained her private license in this plane.

Piper Cherokee PA-28-140 N5128G

N5128G (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

6.  Type checkout (#4, 1968 Cherokee 140), CAP aircraft, TN Group 5 Staff April 28, 1976.   Many practice and a few real SAR missions were flown in this plane.

Cessna Cardinal C-177 N2290Y

N2290Y (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

7.   Type checkout (#5, 150 hp Cardinal) May 2, 1976 (fixed gear, 150 HP, brown/white - similar to plane in picture)

Cessna Commuter C-150 N6431K

n6431K.jpg (8107 bytes)

8.  Type checkout (#6, Cessna 150 Commuter), first spins June 4, 1976.  Subsequently substantially damaged in nonfatal accident.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172 N3461W

N3461W.jpg (7277 bytes)

9.  New club skyhawk, performed TDY mission June 17, 1976  (A similar plane with with red/white paint shown)

Bellanca Citabria 7GCAA N8756V

n8756V.jpg (14557 bytes)

10.   Type checkout (#7, Citabria/150), Grant Bales CFI, first tailwheel August 30, 1976  Subsequently destroyed in nonfatal accident.

Grumman American AA5B N74319

n74319 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

11.   Type checkout (#8, Tiger) November 13, 1976

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N73928

(FAA Registry)

12.   New club Skyhawk December 24, 1976

Cessna Commuter C-150 N704QQ

(FAA Registry)

13.   First ferry for Southaire, MEM-MIG April 28, 1977

Mooney Ranger M20C N6759N

N6759N (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

14.  Type checkout (#9, 1968 Mooney Ranger), first complex retractable May 16, 1977

Subsequently damaged in nonfatal accident.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N75801

n75801 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

15.   Ferry for Southaire from Winchester, TN to Carmi, Ill May 26, 1977.  The plane has been upgraded and is for sale for $69K as of April 2003.

Cessna Centurion C-210M N1736M

N1736M (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

16.   Type checkout (#10, Centurion), first high performance August 26, 1977.  Subsequently damaged in nonfatal accident.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N738CD

(FAA Registry)

17.   Ferry from Strother to MEM, flight of 4 November 15, 1977

Piper Arrow PA 28R-200 N33816

N33816 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

18.   Type checkout (#11, Arrow) November 24, 1977.  I did a lot of instrument training in this plane, including practice approaches to minumums in actual IFR conditions.

Cessna Skylane C-182Q N759PJ

N759PJ (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

19.   New type (#12, Skylane) ferry from Pawnee to GGI, flight of 2, no radio December 3, 1977

Subsequently used by Indiana Wing CAP.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N734KV

(FAA Registry)

20.   New club Skyhawk December 12, 1977

Subsequently involved in fatal accident.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N738NB

(FAA Registry)

21.  Ferry from Strother to CGI, flight of 4, no radio December 22, 1977

Bellanca Citabria 7ECA N8628V

N8628V (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

22.  New type (#13, Citabria/110) January 2, 1978

Cessna 152 II C-152 N49473

(FAA Registry)

23.   New type (#14, Cessna II Two), ferry from Strother to MEM February 23, 1978

Great Lakes 2T-1A-2 N6094L

N6094L (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

24.   New type (#15, Great Lakes biplane) February 25, 1978.  Subsequently ground looped.

Cessna C-152 N49897

(FAA Registry)

25.   Ferry from Strother to MIG  March 6, 1978

Cessna 152 II C-152 N49439

N49439 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

26.   Ferry from Strother to MIG March 10, 1978

For sale in Wisconsin as of April 2003.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N738MT

(FAA Registry)

27.   Ferry from Strother to MEM, no radio March 22, 1978

Cessna C-170B N8151A

N8151A (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

28.   Type checkout (#16, taildragger) June 3, 1978

(similar plane shown).  Subsequently ground looped.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N739VZ

(FAA Registry)

29.   Ferry from OLV to HRO August 2, 1978

Cessna Skylane C-182Q N94945

(FAA Registry)

30.   Ferry from Strother to OLV August 2, 1978

Cessna 152 II C-152 N49465

N49465 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

31.   Ferry OLV-HOT-PRX-ABI-INK-ELP-PHX-PSP-Santa Paula, CA August 27, 1978.  Subsequently shipped to Australia.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N739KT

N739KT (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

32.   Ferry from CGI-OLV, flight of 4 September 6, 1978.  Ferry OLV-LIT-AMA-ABQ-PRC-Santa Paula, CA January 21, 1979.   Subsequently flown to Australia.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N739NQ

N739NQ (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

33.   Ferry OLV-HRO-OKC-TCC-PHX-BLH-Santa Paula, CA September 12, 1978.  Subsequently flown to Australia.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N738XY

(FAA Registry)

34.   Ferry OLV-MEM-OLV September 28, 1978

Cessna Skylane C-182Q N84870

(FAA Registry)

35.   Chase plane for ferry mission Pawnee-SGF-CGI-MEM October 6, 1978

Cessna 152 II C-152 N64911

N94611 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

36.   Ferry OLV-PRX-ABI-INK-DNG-WCX-BLH-Santa Paula, CA October 20, 1978.  Subsequently shipped to Australia - N64911 now belongs to a Lockheed L-1011!

Cessna Skylane RG R-182 N4449R

N4449R (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

37.   New type (#17, Skylane RG), ferry Pawnee-CGI October 25, 1978.   (similar plane shown)

Cessna Turbo Skylane RG N4829R TR-182

N4829R (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

38.  New type (#18, Turbo Skylane RG) ferry Cook Field, KS-GCI October 30, 1978

Cessna 152 II C-152 N89892

N89892 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

39.   Ferry Strother-HRO-MIG December 10, 1978.  Subsequently involved in non fatal accident.

Cessna 152 II C-152 N89926

(FAA Registry)

40.   Ferry OLV-MIG December 10, 1978

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N1345E

N1345E.jpg (7262 bytes)

41.   Ferry OLV-SNL-OKC-TCC-ABQ-PRC-Oxnard, CA January 28, 1979.   Pictured is the sister ship N739GT in formation.  Subsequently flown to Australia.

Bellanca Decathlon 8KCAB N2524Z

N2524Z (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

42.   New type (#19, Bellanca Decathlon), second airplane owned February 10, 1979

Piper Lance PA-28R-200 N1172H

N1172H (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

43.   New type (#20, Lance) February 15, 1979.  Subsequently involved in nonfatal accident.

Cessna Centurion T210N N7567N

N7567N (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

44.   New type (#21, Turbo Centurion), ferry Pawnee-GCI March 15, 1979.  (similar plane shown)

Cessna 152 II C-152 N49023

(FAA Registry)

45.   Ferry Strother-CGI April 2, 1979

Cessna Centurion P210N N4651K

N4651K.jpg (9745 bytes)

46.   New type (#22, Pressurized Centurion), ferry Pawnee-CGI, no radio April 6, 1979

Cessna Skywagon U206G N733BM

N733BM.jpg (9992 bytes)

47.   New type (#23, Skywagon) April 6, 1979.  (similar plane shown)

Piper Tomahawk PA 38-112 N2461K

N2461K (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

48.   New type (#24, Tomahawk), ferry OLV-SLR-ABI-INK-El Paso, TX April 13, 1979.  Subsequently involved in nonfatal accident.

Piper Cherokee PA 28-140 N2657T

N2657T (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

49.   Borrowed plane, overflew Three Mile Island restricted airspace, Harrisburg, PA May 9, 1979

Piper Warrior PA 28-151 N7104F

(FAA Registry)

50.   New type (#25, Warrior) May 12, 1979

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N6395D

(FAA Registry)

51.   Ferry Strother-CGI May 18, 1979

Cessna 152 II C-152 N25932

N25932 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

52.   Ferry GCI-OLV May 18, 1979

Photo by Takuya Majima from Osaka Japan, who was licensed in N25932.    Operated by Nice Air in San Jose, Ca as of April 2003.

Grumman American Cheetah GA AA5A N9715U

(FAA Registry)

53.   New type (#26, Cheetah), MEM-LHC-MEM May 25, 1979.  Operated by Carney Aviation as of April 2003.

Cessna Skyhawk C-172N N6449D

(FAA Registry)

54.   Ferry Strother-CGI June 1, 1979

Cessna Skywagon U206G N29813

(FAA Registry)

55.   Ferry Strother-CGI, right brake failed June 12, 1979

Cherokee Warrior PA 28-151 N4834F

(FAA Registry)

56.    Flown October 18, 1979

Cessna Skylane C-182Q N94337

(FAA Registry)

57.   MEM-Wynne, AR-Paragould, AR-MEM December 4, 1979

Cessna C-150 N6431K

(FAA Registry)

58.   Gibson Co, TN-MEM May 18, 1980.  Subsequently involved in nonfatal accident.

Cessna 152 II C-152 N757XP

(FAA Registry)

59.   MEM-OLV, third airplane owned June 21, 1980.  Subsequently involved in nonfatal accident.

Beechcraft Mentor T-34B N5358G

N5358G (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

60.   New type (#27, Mentor), CAP ex-military July 4, 1980.  (another plane with similar color/insignia shown)

Piper PA 28-235 N15381

(FAA Registry)

61.   New type (#28) April 25, 1981

Navion N615CA

N615CA (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

62.   New type (#29), Charles Allen August 30, 1981.  (another plane shown)

Grumman American Cheetah GA AA5A N9992U

(FAA Registry)

63.   Prospective purchase August 6, 1983

Grumman American Cheetah GA AA5A N26963

N26963 (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

64.   LHC-SPQ fourth airplane owned September 12, 1983.  Currently operated from New Kent, VA  (W96)

Mooney Ranger M20C N2606W

N2606W (Click for FAA Regisrty data)

65.   Ferry M78-MEM May 4, 1986.  (another plane shown)

Cessna C-152 N65939

(FAA Registry)

66.   BFR, M01-M01 September 18, 1994

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