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Dave Meier's Information Grumman American Cheetah N26963

Cheetah N26963 at First Flight Monument, Kittyhawk, NCI learned to fly from Memphis International Airport (MEM) in 1975 in American Aviation trainer N9471L, with Roy Kinney my instructor.  Several friends and I then bought an American TR-2 N9667L, which we equipped for IFR.  In this plane I did most of my instrument training while my wife Cissy earned her ASEL, with Roy Kinney instructing.  I obtained the instrument rating in 1979, with Grant Bales signing me off.  After one of my partners moved away with 67L, I bought into a Decathlon and learned aerobatics, progressing through the Sportsman IAC rating.  I also owned half of a "Brand C" two seater, N757XP, before acquiring the Cheetah.  I have now safely logged 1400+ hours in 66 different airplanes of 29 various types.  During my years with the Civil Air Patrol, I obtained the rank of Major, specializing as Air Operations/Communications Officer and Mission Pilot.

Current panel with proposed changes to add Avmap EKP-IV GPS (click to enlarge)

My 1979 Grumman American Cheetah N26963 has accumulated about 1900 hours on airframe and engine.  Hangered at New Kent County Airport (W96) Virginia, she remains mostly as originally produced, including long range tanks, KX-170B/KT-78A, and nav coupled Century I autopilot. STCs obtained are for mogas, (only occasionally used), a Skytec starter, Ameri-King ELT and JPI fuel totalizer.   The latter two, as well as a Davtron M-800 clock and a new Airtex interior were installed in 2005 concurrent with the annual inspection.  I have also made cosmetic improvements to the panel, as well as clean up and painting or replacement hardware where practical.  The panel photo shows the location of a new Avmap EKP-IV GPS. (Click here to view previous panel) 

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