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If you can help me to obtain anything on my lists below, please Contact Dave Meier with information. 

"Hamfest" List:

(things to look for at hamfests, includes other lists)

2304 loop yagi

47 GHz transverter/parts

HP 15C or 97 calculator, 7015B plotter pens

HV wire for TWT extension cable

Rack shelves and HP flanges

Splice for Andrew LDF5

Weller EC-2002M base unit

Hygain Hytower 18HT vertical tower antenna (used)


(click item to see my on-line Museums)

CPO Museum: morse code training devices, publications & memorabilia

ARRL Classic Publications: especially "Lightning Calculators C-H"

Amateur Radio 1965: 1960s literature and equipment and furnishings

Regency Electronics: HR-2 portapack, manuals for amateur products

International Geophysical Year (IGY): books/artifacts

Dow Key T/R switch DKC-TR2-A (two meter band electronic switch)

Morse Code Training Records and material

  Original Data Sheet for RCA 40673 transistor


5526A Laser   Interferometer

5526A/5500/5505 components, accessories and optics, Original manuals, sales and other literature

   HPIB: specific instruments and interface for PC

"Testmobile" like 1008A, 1117B

HP 9825 calculators and accessories

Pocket Laser Interferometer (ZIPPO tape measure)


(Items to reacquire from my past experiences)

WRL Globe Scout 65A transmitter (my novice rig)

  Drake 2LF converter for 2B receiver

Servo Corporation R5200 VHF receiver.I used as a teen


Source of drive belts for Marantz Superscope C-204

   Passap E6000: Knitting machine related items..

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